No Credit Check Phones: What You Need to Know

No Credit Check Phones:

Do you have bad credit and you need to get approved for a contract phone? You don’t need to get rejected one more time when you apply for a no credit check phone instead of the regular contract phone deals. But what are no credit check phones? In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these phone deal products.

What are no credit check mobile phones?

No credit check mobile phones as you can immediately glean from its name are deals that don’t require any credit checks on applicants. If you have bad credit and you worry that it can ruin your application, there’s no need for that with this type of phone deals. No credit check phones work just like any typical phone contract. On top of your handset choice, you’ll get a bundle plan inclusive of your call, text and data allowance per month. Typical contract terms available include 12 months, 24 months and 36 months where you must pay a fixed monthly fee.

To check out and compare no credit phone deals, is a great place to start.

Who can apply for these phone deals?

Anyone who is 18 years old or over can apply for no credit check phone deals. Basically, you just need to meet the simplest set of requirements. You must also live in the UK for a few years with a steady stream of income through permanent employment, self-employment or regular pension for retired applicants. This type of deal is specific for people with bad credit problems. If you’ve applied for a contract phone elsewhere and you’ve been rejected, no credit check phones are a handy alternative.


What types of mobile phones are offered?

Since no credit check phones are for people with bad credit, the mobile phone choices won’t be as diverse or exciting as if you have a good credit score. This can also mean that you won’t probably get the high-end handset you’ve been longing to own since it was launched. In most cases, mobile phone choices will include cheap and budget smartphones with an option to upgrade to a better phone if you pay on time and the contract is close to its end term.

Why choose no credit check phones?

The fact that this type of phone deals do not require any credit check on applicants is enough for most people to consider these deals. With your credit score not a factor on your application’s approval, you can get approved faster than usual typically within hours after you’ve completed the application. All you need to do in most cases is meet the eligibility criteria, complete the online application and choose your mobile phone along with your bundle plan. Within hours, you can expect to get approved provided that you have the requirements ready including your proof of identification, proof of income and billing address.


Why not choose no credit check phones?

While no credit check phones are easy to get approved for, it’s not all advantages with this type of deal. Compared with typical contract phones, no credit check phones can be more expensive. On top of that, mobile phone choices are also limited to cheaper phones. If you have bad credit and you don’t really need a contract phone then you shouldn’t apply for this type of deal. If you’re sure, however, that a contract phone deal is what you need to meet your monthly phone services and your need for a new phone, then apply for a no credit check phone. Just make sure you can afford the monthly payments and you can stick with it until the end of the term. If you’re a responsible payer, chances are high that you may improve your credit score by the end of your no credit check phone deal.


Things to Consider When Financing Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone on Finance

A few weeks ago, Apple launched its best iPhone yet, at least according to the brand’s CEO. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were unveiled in September and the phones have no phone jack. It’s thinner and sleeker than ever but you can’t plug in your earphones through the charging port while charging your mobile phone. Regardless, millions have already lined up to buy the latest iPhone. Some of them opted to avail a contract phone and others through a mobile phone financing deal.


If you are planning to follow others and opt for mobile phone financing, there are a few things to consider before you close and sign any deal. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for mobile phone financing:

Credit Checks

Most providers offering mobile phone financing will usually run credit checks on their applicants. If you have good credit, chances are high that your application will get approved fast and without hassles. You can also enjoy great freedom with your smartphone choice if your credit rating is stellar. On one hand, having bad credit may mean low chances of approval. You can still get approved for a phone financing scheme but your mobile phone choices may be limited.

Smartphone Cost

You also have to consider smartphone cost. You may want to buy the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone. Because these phones are on the high-end range, the cost will be pretty steep. If you have good credit and high monthly income, chances of getting the phone that you want are high. If you have bad credit and you want an iPhone 7, approval for your application is less likely. When deciding on which smartphone to buy on finance, you need to consider the phone’s cost in relation to your credit rating and your monthly income.


Repayment Terms

In addition to your smartphone’s cost, repayment terms are another factor to consider. Most financing plans can be repaid over a 12-month or 24-month period. Most providers will give you a financing deal at 0% APR if you have excellent credit rating. If you want a longer repayment term like a 36-month period, for example, you should expect for a deal at APRs around 10 to 15%.

Interest Rates

With mobile phone financing, you’ll usually pay more than the cost of your smartphone. For financing providers to earn money, they charge a certain interest to your financing plan. If the starting cost for iPhone 7 is £599 and you want to buy one on a financing plan, expect to pay more than the phone’s original cost by the end of your contract term. In general, the longer your repayment term is, the lower your monthly instalments but you’ll also pay more for your smartphone in the end.

Penalties and Other Charges

In addition to existing interest rates, financing providers also add penalties and other hidden fees. If you miss or delay a payment, for example, you’ll incur penalties added on top of your current monthly bill. If you’re a responsible person, on one hand, and you never miss a payment, you can enjoy the buy now, pay later scheme at zero interest. As long as you pay your balance in full before the end of the deferred period, you have nothing to worry about.


How to Choose Your Smartphone in four steps

Choose Your Smartphone

Whether you’re buying your first phone or not, we still all ask the same question. Which phone should I buy? With so many choices, new releases and various brands, the search for an ideal phone to buy can be challenging not to mention complicated.
Should you buy a high-end handset or settle for a budget phone? Are the latest iPhones or Samsung Galaxies worth it? Which features should I prioritize? How much should I spend on a smartphone? These are but a few questions you need to answer when shopping for a smartphone. To further help you along, we’ve created this helpful buying guide for you.

First Things First
Knowing that you’ll probably use your mobile phone often, you should look for a phone that combines quality and great value. The trick is not to buy the most expensive phone but the best phone available that fits your budget. At the same time, it’s important to remember not to be a complete cheapskate. If you want a set of great features and a phone you can use for a while, be prepared to spend a little more for better quality and excellent features.
Choose Your Operating System
With a plethora of smartphone options to choose from, how do you narrow down your choices effectively? By choosing your operating system, of course. There are a number of operating systems in the market and three of the most popular are Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. When it comes to world domination sales-wise, Android wins hands down. Not only does Android offer more choices than the other two OS but it also offers awesome customization options.
If you want to stick with a phone that’s intuitively very easy to use with quick access to the hottest apps, iOS may be the operating system for you. Phone choices are limited to iPhone models but given Apple’s reputation for high-performance phones, you’re sure to get what you pay for.
Just in case iOS and Android do not meet your needs, you can check out Windows Phone. It’s not as popular as the other two operating systems but it does have great features to offer including Continuum and universal apps that work on both your Windows computer and mobile phone.
Prioritize Key Features to Meet Your Needs
Different smartphones have a different set of phone features and capabilities. Different users also have different smartphone needs. To nail your smartphone option, you must first know and understand your needs.
Which key features are you looking for? Do you prefer large or mid-size screens? How fast and responsive do you want your phone to be? Will you be using the camera a lot? These are some questions to ask yourself to know which features you need to prioritize. If you want it all, high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the latest iPhone 7 may be an excellent investment. These phones can be costly but they also pack power and wonderful features that will bring your mobile phone experience to the next level. But at the same time, it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to break the bank to buy the latest handset. When it comes to shopping for the right phone, it’s all about finding a balance between value and performance.

Buy Your Phone
Once you’ve decided which phone to buy, the next step is to decide whether to buy your phone up front, through a contract or on finance. If you can afford to buy upfront, good for you. If not, there are plenty of contract and finance options to check out. Just remember to always stick with what you can afford no matter which option you go for.


Your Quick Guide to Mobile Phone on Finance

Mobile Phone on Finance

Do you want an iPhone 7 or maybe a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge but can’t afford to buy it upfront? The iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge are available at a starting price of £599 and £569 for 32GB storage respectively. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford to spend that amount of money on a single payment. Fortunately, there are other options available so you can own the latest high-end smartphones without breaking the bank or your budget.
What is a mobile phone on finance?
One option is to buy your mobile phone on finance. Financing your phone essentially means that you are taking out a loan to purchase the phone. In return, you’ll have a monthly fee you need to pay typically over a 12-month or 24-month period depending on the amount and your repayment term.

Mobile phone on finance is not the same as getting a contract phone. With a contract phone, you’ll be tied up to a service provider where you get a combination of bundle plan and handset option. Like mobile phone financing, you will need to pay a fixed monthly fee over a 24-month or 36-month period. Once the contract is up, the phone is yours and you’re free to continue the contract and pay only for the bundle plan. Unlike mobile phone financing, it’s not as easy to get approved for a contract phone.
Why finance your mobile phone?
If you want a new smartphone and have bad credit under your belt, getting approved for a contract phone isn’t going to be easy. You’ll likely get rejected outright. If you’ve ever been refused a contract phone before, don’t give up just yet. If you buy your mobile phone on finance, you’ll have a better chance of getting approved. Not all phones are available for this type of financing. Financing typically is only available for selected devices with a value between £300 and £1,000 or more depending on your provider. Mobile phone financing is available online. And the best part, you don’t need to pay a deposit to get approved quickly.

How to apply for mobile phone financing?
Apply for mobile phone financing is pretty simple. There are typically three steps to complete. First, you must choose your phone. Second, you need to select a SIM plan and finally, choose your financing plan. Depending on your needs and budget, there are a number of flexible plans available.
What are different mobile phone financing options?
If you want a short term plan, the shortest term available is 12 months at 0% APR representative. If your application is successful, you’ll receive interest-free credit to finance your mobile phone purchase available for selected devices. In case 12 months is too short and you want a longer term, you can always opt for a 24-month mobile phone financing. Just like the 12-month plan, you’ll get 0% APR for your deal and there’s no deposit needed as well.
If you’re still looking for a longer term, there’s another option available at 36-month mobile phone financing. For this type of financing, there’s a representative APR involved typically at around 10 to 15%. This means that you’ll have to pay interest on top of your mobile phone’s cost.
Who can apply for mobile phone on finance?
To be eligible for this type of financing, you must be 18 years old or over on the date of your application. You must also be a permanent UK resident for a minimum of three years. You’ll also need to provide proof of income whether through permanent employment, self-employment or regular pension if retired.


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